Hi Google Kaise Ho / Hi Google How Are You

Hi Google Kaise ho
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Nowadays technology has a very important role in the growing world of Internet, nowadays we like to do all the work by speaking, like Alexa Google Voice Assistant, many technologies today speak and answer the questions of humans, similarly everyone can talk to Google today. Hi Google Kaise Ho,


Hi Google Kaise Ho Aap

As you know that today’s era is full of technology, in such a situation, Google is a boon for you, which can answer any of your questions in a pinch, like you will speak to Google, Google, how are you, Hi Google Kaise Ho  then Google will answer you, just like that you Google. can answer any question from


Hey Google How Are You

Google today is like a boon that knows the answer to your every question, if you do not know any question, then you can speak to Google, like Google, how is your health, Google ate food, you can get answers to any question from Google.


Q. how to talk to google

Ans. To talk to Google, you have to download the Google Voice Assistant app.


Q. गूगल कैसे चालू करें

Ans. गूगल चालू करने के लिए आपको वौइस् असिस्टेंट एप्प डाउनलोड करना होगा

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